Products for Storage and Racking Systems

Slatted Timber Racking Decks / Warehouse Decking

The ideal Solution for use on Adjustable Pallet Racking. Offering a medium to heavy duty load bearing.

Our Timber Decks are manufactured from Kiln Dried High Quality Softwood, available in:-

  • Sawn, Planed or Treated finishes
  • Open or Closed Boarded
  • Support Battens inset to your Specific Requirements

Carpet Racking Shelving

Carpet Racking is well known for needing deep shelving bays to accomodate the various lengths of Carpet whilst also avoiding the risk of snagging, a key factor that rules out Slatted Timber Decks for this kind of application.

Our ability to offer Cut To Size Chipboard & MDF up to 6 metres in length makes this the Perfect Solution!

Chipboard & MDF Shelving

An Economical Solution for your Storage Requirements. Suitable for light to medium duty load bearing.

Ideal for Longspan Shelving and Carpet Racking, available options:-

  • Chipboard – Available in 8mm-38mm, P1 and P2 Grade.
  • MDF – Available in Standard and Moisture Resistant Grade.

Both options can have Battens and location blocks fitted to your specific requirements, to hold panels in situ on Pallet Racking bays.

T&G Chipboard

Available In:-

  • 18mm, 22mm & 38mm Thicknesses
  • P5 & P6 Grades
  • Tongue & Groove – 2 Long Edges
  • Moisture Resistant, Fire Rated & Anti-slip Variations
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